3 Ways to delete files older than X days on Mac

Here, we share several ways to clean up your files: using Terminal, using AppleScript and third-party apps.

Before you clean up your files, proper backup is necessary.

Using Terminal

The terminal is the simplest way, you can have complete control, but be careful not to use wrong instructions, especially when using rm -f.

For detail please refer to:
os x terminal -remove files older than x days

Using AppleScript

If you like programming, using AppleScript is a great way to do this job. This post discusses how to write a script for automatic cleanup:
Delete downloads older than 30 days?

Using Apps

If you don’t have any time to play script or shell, then using our App is the best choice. Using AutoCleanFolder makes it easy to set up cleanup rules, and you can do a confirmation before the files are deleted.

Cleanup rule editor

Using AutoCleanFolder to Clean Up Your Downloads or Any Folders on Mac

About Files Restore

If you accidentally delete some files you do not want to delete, please do not perform any write operation to your hard disk, you can download the file recovery software to try to recover them. We recommend to use Data Recovery for Mac.

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